Super koala

A steerable tail wheel and optional electric start are your first indications that flying the Super Koala is as easy as owning it. Optional brakes assist in shorter take-off and landing rolls.

Even at the slowest speeds, the Super Koala maintains the stable flight characteristics that make for safe, enjoyable flights. Large 8-foot ailerons provide confident roll control at high speeds, and stall speed is an enviable 32 mph.

While your engine takes you up at a 900 to 1400 feet per minute climb, it also emits a relatively low noise level, effectively reduced by Lord mounts, tuned exhaust and geared reduction drive.

The Two-Place Super Koala

The two-place Super Koala adds to the fun of flying by adding another seat for side-by-side two-passenger flight.

The comfortable cockpit with dual controls gives both passenger and pilot plenty of room. Choose a 52 or 64 horsepower Rotax engine for cruise speeds of 65-85 mph, allowing hands-off flying.

With the Fisher Super Koala, the standard for personal aircraft has been redefined, but not redesigned.

A strikingly faithful reproduction of one of the most popular aircraft ever built, the Super Koala can make the dream of owning a classic flying machine a reality.




Rotax 503 Rotax 582LC

Engine Hp

52 64



Wing Area

140 sq. ft.





Fuel Capacity

8 gal.

Fuel Consumption @

75% 3 gal/hr. 4 gal/hr.

Design Loads

+4.6 -2.3g +4 -2.2g

Drive Type


Gross Weight

740 lbs. 830 lbs.

Empty Weight

350-375 lbs. 375-400 lbs.

Construction Time

500 hrs

Field Assembly Time

30 min 20 min

Flight Performance

Rotax 503 Solo Rotax 503 Gross Rotax 582 Solo Rotax 582 Gross
Velocity-Never Exceed 95 mph 95 mph 95 mph 95 mph
Cruise Speed 75-80 mph 70-75 mph 75-80 mph 70-75 mph
Stall Speed (w/flaps) 28 mph 30 mph 29 mph 32 mph
Climb Rate 1000 fpm 700 fpm 1400 fmp 1100 fpm
Glide Ratio 9:1 9:1 9:1 9:1
Take-off Run 150’ 200’ 125’ 150’
Landing Roll 200’ 250’ 200’ 250’


Proven geodetic wood construction gives the SK its strength; proven Fisher ingenuity gives the plane its appeal. A totally enclosed cockpit provides plenty of room for the pilot, while economy of instrumentation and controls allow plenty of room for fun flying.

More classic-style aircraft hardware abounds: An aluminum strut braced main spar carrythrough, a ground adjustable horizontal stabilizer, 14-inch pneumatic tires with rubber shock cord, and removable cockpit panels for summer flight.