R-80 Tiger Moth

Now you can relive a part of world history when you fly your own replica of the DeHavilland Tiger Moth. You will sense the moments in history when thousands of British Commonwealth pilots were learning to fly in preparation for their part of World War II. With your leather helmet, goggles, gauntlets, and flying coat, you can relive some of the glory in aviation’s golden age. All of the excitement, charm, and nostalgia will be yours-except the expense of owning and maintaining the original DH82 Tiger Moth.

After flying the FP R-80 Tiger Moth, KITPLANES magazine writer, Ben Millspaugh said, “She flies beautifully. Ground handling is exceptionally easy and I’d recommend this airplane to anyone who is a first-time builder or any pilot with little or no tail dragger time.”



The R-80 Tiger Moth is 80% scale of the original DeHavilland DH82a Tiger Moth.


  • The R-80 Tiger Moth is recommended for both first-time and experienced builders.
  • Only basic tools are needed in construction.
  • Builder assistance is readily available by phone or fax.
  • Realistic estimates put construction time at 700 hours.
  • Wood has been called “Nature’s Composite” and the R-80 construction is straight-forward and strong. Aircraft grade state-of-the-art epoxy adhesives are used throughout.
  • Considerable time has been spent on the design and structural integrity. Initially, the airframe was designed by an aeronautical engineer. A design engineer was then brought in to assist during the actual construction and modification stage. The airframe was then tested, by an independent firm that specializes in structural analysis, to a limit of six positive and three negative g’s. At one point in this test, over 6,000 pounds of sandbags were on the R-80’s airframe-and it didn’t break. Properly constructed, this is an exceptionally strong aircraft!







Wing Area

170 sq. ft.











Range (12 gal fuel tank)

200 mi.


Design Loads

+6 -3g


Engine (used for data)

Norton AE 100R



75-100 hp


Gross Weight

1,150 lbs.


Empty Weight

560 lbs.


Cockpit Width



Service Ceiling



Engine Weight

180-200 lbs.


Flight Performance

Velocity-Never Exceed

110 mph


Cruise Speed

90 mph


Stall Speed

35 mph


Climb Rate

800-1000 fpm


Takeoff Run



Landing Roll