Kit Content

All of our aircraft are constructed using Fisher’s tried and proven geodetic construction technique that allows anyone with common woodworking tools to build an aircraft without investing in specialized equipment. Fisher aircraft can be ordered four different ways. You can order a Complete Airframe kit, a Quick Built Airframe kit, three Partial kits that let you spread out the cost of construction, or as Plans only if you wish to scratch build.

Complete Airframe Kit: Contains all parts necessary to build a complete aircraft (except paint, pilot/passenger restraints, instruments, upholstery, engine mounts, and engine). The kit includes:

  • pre-cut, shaped, and slotted wood parts
  • Formed, drilled, and shaped fittings
  • Hardware
  • Molded fibreglass cowling
  • Aluminum fuel tank
  • Wheels and tires
  • Fabric and fabric cement
  • All parts are numbered
  • Inventory list
  • Full scale plans
  • No welding required

Quick Build Airframe Kit: Contains everything listed in the Complete Airframe Kit above plus the following pre-fabricated components to shorten the building time:

  • ribs
  • spars
  • wingtips
  • fuselage sides
  • bulkheads
  • fin and rudder
  • stabilizer and elevator

Partial Kits: These kits are provided for a builder who prefers to “pay-as-you-build.” The wing or fuselage kits are optional as first or second kits, but the hardware kit is sold only as the third kit. Once these three partial kits are purchased, they are equivalent to the Complete Airframe kits described above. ** Note that the quick build option is available on partial kits**

Wing Kit: Contains materials to build the wings, horizontal stabilizer, and elevator. Full scale plans needed to complete these components.
Fuselage Kit:Contains material to build the fuselage, fin, and rudder. Full scale plans needed to complete these componenets.
Hardware Kit:Contains all the fittings, aluminum hardware, molded fiberglass cowling, fuel tank, windshield and window material, landing gear, bolts and fasteners, fabric and fabric cement, and plans needed to finish the aircraft.

Tail Kit: Fisher Flying Products is now offering Introductory Tail Kits for all of our models. These kits will be priced at US $500.00 shipping included in Canada and the US and will include all the wood components to build the Horizontal Stabilizer, Vertical Fin, Elevator and Rudder. It will also include the plans for those components, a small T-88 Epoxy kit as well as Superflight’s Dacron fabric.
100% of the price paid for this Introductory tail Kit will be discounted from any future kit purchase! We want you to be able to get your feet wet for a small fee similar to the cost of purchasing the plans. We know that if you are not sure about being able to build a wooden aircraft it is good to get a look at the plans. Just purchasing the plans doesn’t give you a chance to actually build anything to see if you are good at it. We feel that it is better to purchase a tail kit to get your hands on and try!

Plans Only: For those who prefer to “scratch build”, the builder can purchase our Full Scale plan set. We fully support our scratch builders and you can purchase any component for your aircraft that you do not want to build including fuel tanks, cowls, hardware, and metal components. Often our scratch builders are comfortable with the wood portion of construction but prefer to buy the hardware kit from us. Many people buy the plans first to review the project and then decide to convert to either a full airframe kit or partial kits. If you do this we apply the price of the plans to your kit order (except for orders of hardware only kits)