Introducing Fisher’s Newest Aircraft Kit Design!!


The Fisher Aria!!

We are happy to announce that we have decided to offer another wooden aircraft design that is aimed at a different segment of the market. This aircraft is an all wood design with composite cowl and bubble canopy. It seats 2 in tandem and has retractable tricycle landing gear! A cute little sports plane!

We will be offering this aircraft as a full kit with all of the metal and hardware components already prefabricated and ready for assembly. We will be providing all of the premium wood and plywood materials in the kit as well as adhesives.

The fuselage design is very much in line with our other larger planes and except for the control surfaces is fully sheeted with aircraft grade plywood. The aircraft was designed in Europe and will be made available with plans that show both imperial and metric measurements.

We are going to be supplying some renderings of the aircraft when they become available but many say that it looks somewhat like a smaller Tucano.

We do not have a price for the kit yet as we are in the process of putting together the bill of materials. Information from this process will determine the retail price of the kit. rest assured that it will be as affordable as the 14 other Fisher models.

Using classic wooden construction, the Fisher Aria is entirely boxed in Finnish Birch Plywood except for the control surfaces (rudder, flaps and ailerons).

This aircraft was designed to comply with the design rules of the aeronautical standard FAR 23 / Part 2 / Appendix A. The prototype was subjected to static tests on the ground which made it possible to prove the conformity of the design limits and load factors for this category.

For now, here are the specifications for the aircraft.

Dimensions and Loads

Wing Span – 26.6 ft (8.1 m)

Overall Length – 23.9 ft (7.0 m)

Height – 7.1 ft (2.15 m)

Cabin Width – 26 In. (0.66 m)

Fuselage Width (Wings Removed) – 35.4 in. (0.90 m)

Wing Area – 103.3 sqft (9.60 sq. m)

Dihedral – 4 deg.

Horizontal Stabilizer Area – 24.75 sqft (2.3 sq. m)

Main Landing Gear Wheelbase – 94.5 in. (2.40 m)

Empty Weight – 622 lb (282.5 kg)

Max Gross Weight – 1058.2 lb (480 kg)

Useful Load – 436.2 lb (197.5 kg)

Max G Limits – +5.8 / -2.8


Power and Performance


Engine – Rotax 912 ULS (100 hp)

Never Exceed Speed – 205 mph (330 kph)

Max Cruise Speed (75% pwr) – 186.4 mph (300 kph)

Maneuvering Speed – 149.7 mph (241 kph)

Max Flap Speed – 105.6 mph (170 kph)

Stall Speed (No Flap) – 50.3 mph (81 kph)

Stall Speed (Full Flap) – 39.7 mph (64 kph)

Full Gross Rate of Climb (Sea Level / Std. Day) 980 fpm

Landing Distance – 495 ft (150 m)

75% Power Fuel Consumption – 4.75 gph (18.1 lph)

Range (No reserve, 75% pwr) – 807 Statute Miles (1300 km)

Fuel Volume – 21.1 US Gal – (80 litres)

Maximum Glide Ratio – 13.5:1

Glide Ratio (1 Notch Flap) – 10.2:1

Maximum Ceiling – 16,400 ft (5,608 m)

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 519-933-2055 or contact us at and We would be happy to share our progress with you and talk about availability.

We will be providing more information as it becomes available here on our Facebook page as well as on our website at



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