Once you are in the cockpit of the FP-505, you can’t wait to get into the air. In a short distance of 150 feet you are air-borne and climbing at 800 feet per minute. With the wings above you, the visibility is excellent, and you’re rewarded with a clear view of what’s around and below you. Even at the slowest speed, the FP-505 maintains the flight characteristics that make for safe, enjoyable flying. Optional brakes assist in shorter take-off and landing rolls.

High wing, Open cock-pit

This affordable light plane combines two of the most coveted virtues for flying purists: a high wing and an open cock-pit.

The pylon-mounted high wing leaves the cockpit essentially unenclosed, offering the pilot spectacular visibility and the freedom of an open cockpit design. Fueled by a 40 horsepower Rotax, the compact FP-505 delivers plenty of go once you get up.

Shock-absorbing gear and geodetic construction contribute to a sturdy aircraft in an exceedingly affordable price range.






Wing Area

112 sq ft



Fuel Capacity

5 gal

Design Loads

+4.6 -2.3g


Hirth F-33/ Rotax 447/ Rotax 503

Gross Weight

500 lbs

Empty Weight

240-250 lbs

Max Pilot Weight

200 lbs

Construction Time

500 hrs

Field Assembly Time

15 min

Flight Performance

Velocity-Never Exceed

83 mph

Top Level Speed

75 mph

Cruise Speed

55-60 mph

Stall Speed

26 mph

Climb Rate

700-800 fpm

Glide Ratio


Takeoff Run



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