It will turn a love of flying into a passion for flight. Once in the bi-plane cockpit, you can’t wait to get intothe air. Cruise speed is an invigorating 70 mph, with exceptional stability for hands-off flight capability.

Construction of the FP-404

These bi-planes are available either as a complete kit—which contains everything you need except instruments, paint, varnish and pilot restraint system—or in “pay as you build” partial kits. Aircraft-quality materials are supplied throughout; you simply epoxy the wooden pieces together over the full-size plans.

After the woodwork is completed, it is sealed with polyurethane varnish, covered with heat-shrinkable aircraft fabric, sealed and painted to provide a long-lasting durable airframe.

The average builder can assemble a FP-404 in 500 hours using normal household tools.

Airborne Adventure

The FP-404 represents a reborn era in airborne adventure. This bi-plane aircraft is a throw-back to seat-of-the-pants flying, complete with minimal instruments and bare-necessity controls. The sports car of light-planes, the FP-404 is a flying experience that will leave you flying.

Featuring short wings, full-span ailerons and a semisymmetrical airfoil, the aircraft answers commands instantaneously. Geodetic wood construction and additional bracing contribute to exceptional structural strength, enough to withstand higher Gs than most lightplanes.

For experimental models, a 50 horsepower Rotax engine pours out more than enough power for exhilarating, 800 feet-per-minute climbs and turns that will push you back in your seat. The plane is as responsive as you are aggressive.





Wing Area

120 sq ft

Wing Gap


Aileron Area

14 sq ft





Tail Span



Rotax 503: 50hp /Rotax 582: 65 hp

Gross Weight

540 lbs

Empty Weight

275 lbs

Max Pilot Weight

200 lbs

Construction Time

500 hrs

Field Assembly Time

15 min

Flight Performance

Velocity-Never Exceed

90 mph

Top Level Speed

80 mph

Cruise Speed

72 mph

Stall Speed

30 mph

Climb Rate

800 fpm

Takeoff Run


Landing Roll


L/D (glide ratio)



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