Hello Fisher Fans!!
I just received this testimonial from David Larsen about his Dakota Hawk. Thanks Dave for sharing this with the Fisher Community!


I just passed the 100 hour mark on my Dakota Hawk. I built it from plans since that was all that was available when I started in 2008. I purchased the windshield, fuel tanks, motor mount, cowling, wheels/brakes and wing struts thru Fisher Flying Products and was very happy with the service I received from Paul and Dave. Most of the building was done in my garage. The plans were very complete and I did not make any major changes during construction. Covering with the Stits process and final assembly were completed at Byker Aviation near my home. Dan Byker also did the painting. I finished my project in the fall of 2013 and fly out of Canton, SD (7G9). My Hawk has a C-85 without electrical system and the empty weight is 710#. I usually see a cruise of 85 mph at 2200 rpm with a Warp Drive 72” prop. My Hawk is very stable during flight and the 50 mph touchdown speed makes every landing easy to control.

David Larsen
DH#69 N369DH