Sharing the responsive flight characteristics of the FP-404, the two-place Classic lets you share the experience with a passenger. Dual controls give you the option of front or back position, and an 85 mph cruise speed gives you just plain fun.

The two-place Classic represents a reborn era in airborne adventure. This bi-plane aircraft is a throw-back to seat-of-the-pants flying, complete with minimal instruments and bare-necessity controls. The sports car of light-planes, the Classic is a flying experience that will leave you flying.

Featuring short wings, four ailerons and a semi-symmetrical airfoil, the aircraft answers commands instantaneously. Geodetic wood construction and additional bracing contribute to exceptional structural strength, enough to withstand higher Gs than most light planes.

For experimental models, a 65 horsepower Rotax engine pours out more than enough power for exhilarating, 800 feet-per-minute climbs and turns that will push you and your passenger back in your seats. The plane is as responsive as you are aggressive.




Wing Area

154 sq. ft.

Wing Gap


Aileron Area

18 sq. ft.





Tail Span


Engine Rotax

582LC 65 hp

Drive Type


Reduction Ratio


Gross Weight

850 lbs.

Empty Weight

400 lbs.

Max. Pilot Weight


Construction Time

500 hrs

Field Assembly Time

30 min

Flight Performance

Solo        Gross

Velocity-Never Exceed

110 mph    100 mph

Max Speed

90 mph    90 mph

Cruise Speed

75-80 mph    75-80 mph

Stall Speed

35 mph    38-39 mph

Climb Rate

800 fpm    600 fpm

Glide Ratio

8:1    7:1

Take-off Run

150’    200’

Landing Roll

250’     300’

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