CD – Building The Fisher Avenger

Avenger Construction

Building The Fisher Avenger – by Kevin Rutland Kevin says:

“Building the Fisher Avenger was a lot of fun. I spent almost two years working in my tiny basement in the winter, and my old garage in the summer, to construct this wonderful flying machine. Neighbours driving by, and even the local police, would do a double take when they saw the Avenger airplane on my driveway.”The CD is a collection of all the photographs I took during the construction process, and shows the jigs, techniques and methods I used to assemble the various parts. I also have included articles I wrote about covering the wooden structure with dacron cloth, a cheaper low cost painting method and a way to construct a fiberglass cowling.If you are building a wood & fabric airplane you will probably find the CD helpful. If you are building a Fisher airplane then you will save yourself a lot of head scratching.”The CD can be ordered at

Flying For The Penniless Dreamer

The Penniless Dreamer

A book on CD by Kevin Rutland. The book is a compilation of the articles Kevin has written over the past 12 years for various aviation magazines. Kevin’s articles focus on how to make flying affordable and fun and are informative and often very humorous!

Kevin built a Fisher Avenger and discusses the airplane in the book.

The CD can be purchased at

Book – Builder’s Tips For The Dakota Hawk And All Fisher Aircraft

Tom's Dakota Hawk

Builders Tips for the Dakota Hawk

A book written by Tom Marson, a prolific homebuilder giving one man’s journey through the construction and flying of a Dakota Hawk. The book includes text and photos of construction hints, how to avoid pitfalls and suggestions for options to the aircraft. The techniques described can be used for all Fisher Flying Products aircraft.The book is $34 including postage and can be ordered directly us. To order either fill out the General Order Form and return it to us or call us at 519-933-2055

Why Wood?

Why Wood?

Why should you build a wooden aircraft? This article discusses the history, inherent benefits, and compelling reasons for constructing an aircraft made of wood. The history and engineering behind geodetic construction is also covered.Click HERE to read the article.

Beginners Wood DVD

DVD – Beginner’s Wood Aircraft Construction

The Beginner’s Wood Aircraft Construction DVD is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to learn more about building an aircraft from wood and is an excellent companion to the FFP 3-disc Construction DVD set. The Beginner’s Wood Aircraft Construction DVD is especially helpful for the plans/scratch builder as it reviews wood selection and grading.The DVD is designed for the beginner in wood aircraft construction. It contains explanations and demonstrations of working with and selecting the proper wood stock required for aircraft building.

Chapters in the DVD include:

  • Wood Species
  • Grading Wood
  • Glues and Gluing
  • Wood Laminating
  • Aircraft Plywood

The DVD is $21 and can be purchased from the HomebuiltHELP website.