Who are we?

Fisher Flying Products have captured the flying qualities of a number of classic airplanes. We have designed structurally sound and extremely affordable aircraft kits based on these beloved aircraft. The kit designs that we produce have proven aerodynamic stability and desirable flight characteristics.

Fisher Flying products produces components for 14 aircraft designs that pay homage to the fun little aircraft that let us experience low and slow flight. The components are manufactured with care in our new shop in Dorchester, Ontario Canada. We have been modernizing as a company. In an effort to keep our kits affordable to people of modest means, we have purchased CNC equipment that can reproduce parts more accurately and inexpensively.

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The Fisher Line of Aircraft

R-80 Tiger Moth

Now you can relive a part of world history when you fly your own replica of the DeHavilland Tiger Moth.


The Celebrity handles well. The takeoff is short, even when it’s loaded with fuel and passenger.


Sharing the responsive flight characteristics the two-place Classic lets you share the experience with a passenger.


It will turn a love of flying into a passion for flight. Once in the bi-plane cockpit, you can’t wait to get intothe air.


This airplane offers you four-cycle dependability with the pleasure of flying a light, agile performer.

Dakota Hawk

The Dakota Hawk is undaunted by demanding pilots, high-performance flight, or cross-country trips.

All Fisher Kits

Who Flies a Fisher?

I just passed the 100 hour mark on my Dakota Hawk. I built it from plans since that was all that was available when I started in 2008. Read More

David Larsen

The Carbon Classic by Jamil Diaz in Puerto Rico!! This aircraft has a Verner Motor 2 Cylinder engine with a custom carbon fiber cowl. What a beautiful Read More

Jamil Diaz

Below are some pictures of my Fisher Celebrity. I am the builder and present owner of the Celebrity. It has been flying for seven years. What a joy it Read More

Paul Adams

I grew up flying with my older brother in an old Aeronca Champ. I had always enjoyed flying but never got around to getting my license or pursuing any Read More

Tim Abke

I completed my Classic in 2003 with an on and off build time of about 4 1/2 years. The plans were easy to work with even for a first time builder. Read More

Jim Arbore

A new 7 in Tablet is being set running Android OS. Avare for Gps Aircraft Horizon Free and Aircraft VOR Free being tested Read More

Robert Stover

Parts and Accessories

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Construction DVD

Detailed construction information of a typical Fisher Aircraft. An important resource for all builders of FFP aircraft

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Tech Support

If you require assistance anytime during the building process feel free to contact us and we will gladly offer you technical support. When requesting technical support, it is helpful if you can refer to specific part numbers and the drawing number that you are working from.

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