The FP‐202 Koala

A steerable tail wheel and optional electric start are your first indications that flying the Koala is as easy as owning it. Optional brakes assist in shorter take off and landing rolls.

Even at the slowest speeds, the Koala maintains the stable flight characteristics that make for safe, enjoyable flights. Large 8-foot ailerons provide confident roll control at high speeds, and stall speed is an enviable 26 mph.

While your engine takes you up at a 900 to 1400 feet per minute climb, it also emits a relatively low noise level, effectively reduced by Lord mounts, tuned exhaust and geared reduction drive.

FP‐202 Redefines the Standard

With the Fisher FP-202 Koala, the standard for personal aircraft has been redefined, but not redesigned.

A strikingly faithful reproduction of one of the most popular aircraft ever built, the Koala can make the dream of owning a classic flying machine a reality.

Proven geodetic wood construction gives the FP 202 its strength; proven Fisher ingenuity gives the plane its appeal. A totally enclosed cockpit provides plenty of room for the pilot, while economy of instrumentation and controls allow plenty of room for fun flying.

More classic-style aircraft hardware abounds: An aluminum strut braced main spar carrythrough, a ground adjustable horizontal stabilizer, 14-inch pneumatic tires with rubber shock cord, and removable cockpit panels for summer flight.

Wingspan 29’10”
Length 17’9”
Height 5’5”
Wing Area 120 sq. ft.
Engine, 2 Cycle, 1 Cyl. 28-40 HP
Prop Diameter/Pitch 60”/28”
Reduction Ratio 2.58-to-1
Fuel Capacity 5 gal (optional 7 gal)
Gross Wieght 500 lbs
Empty Weight 250 lbs
Useful Load 250 lbs
Wing Loading 4.17 psf
Power Loading 13 lb/hp
Design Load Factors +4-2.5g
Construction Time 250-500 hrs
Field Assembly Time 15 min

Flight Performance
Velocity-Never Exceed 70 mph
Top Level Speed 60 mph
Cruise Speed 45-60 mph @ 65% power
Stall Speed 25 mph
Sea Level Climb Rate 700-800 fpm @ 40 mph
Take-off Run 125’
Landing Roll 125’
L/D (glide ratio) 9-to-1 @ 40 mph