Paul Adam’s Fisher Celebrity Story

Hey There! Fisher Followers!

Paul Adams is the latest person to send me his Fisher story. Paul has a beautiful Celebrity. We should all aspire to the level of quality that this aircraft was built.

Here is the story that Paul sent me:


Below are some pictures of my Fisher Celebrity. I am the builder and present owner of the Celebrity. It has been flying for seven years. What a joy it is to fly. It can cruise at 90 mph but I tend to fly it at 75 mph and just enjoy the flight, especially at sunset! Take off is easy and occurs after about a 450 to 500 foot role. I first raise the tail at 25 mph then lower it at 50 mph with an ensuing climb out at 60 mph which gives me a 650 fpm ascent. Landing is straight forward with a nice cushion of air provided by the lower wing. Stalls are gentle and almost non existent at full power. The flight controls are nicely harmonized with handling characteristics similar to a cub. Yes, it is a rudder plane. I opted for the mechanical springs verses the bungee cords. Haven’t bounced one yet, nice gear. My Celebrity is powered by a Continental TMX O-200 which turns a Sensenich propeller. The building process was fun and straight forward. The drawings I found complete. I believe Fisher Flying has some original roots in the RC world. It shows because building the Celebrity was like building a large RC model. One thing I really liked about the project was I could build it with some personal touches. To name a few I have Bronson stream line flying wires, stream line fairings on the N and slave struts, some fiber glass fairings in various places, walnut instrument panels and my personally designed logo. As I said it was a fun project. Good luck and happy flying.

Paul Adams


image (2)


Tim Abke Liked His FP-101 Ultralight and Classic Biplane

Hi Everyone,

Tim Abke sent me a message the other day telling me about his experiences with Fisher Aircraft along with a couple of photos. I really enjoy hearing from people who have owned our aircraft. I hope that you are enjoying them too. Own a Fisher aircraft as these people have. It can make a big difference in your life!

Dave from the Nest

Here is his experience:

Hello Dave,

I am attaching photos of two of the Fisher products that I have owned.

I grew up flying with my older brother in an old Aeronca Champ. I had always enjoyed flying but never got around to getting my license or pursuing any flying until I was grown up and out of college. Then, I happened across a nice FP101 Koala for sale at the local airport and thought it would be fun and easy and cheap to fly. It had a 277 Rotax and flew very nicely even though I am 6 foot tall and 200 pounds. It was great to fly into all of the local grass strips. The only issue that I had with that plane was that it was so gentle that I would be tempted to try crosswind landings in too strong of winds. I did have a slow ground loop one time with a 20mph direct crosswind. My bad, but no wing contact and the only damage was my pride. I eventually wanted a 2 place airplane so I sold the Koala.

I moved on up to wanting a more exciting airplane. I really liked the biplanes, but they were either too expensive or too hard to fly. But then, I came across a nice Fisher Celebrity for sale with a O200 continental and the steel tube fuselage. I could not help but purchase this well built, beautiful airplane. It was a great flying plane with that neat open cockpit flying experience. It had a nice trim system and flew very well. It was a very forgiving airplane and gentle for even a low time pilot. Unfortunately my life priorities moved from flying to a growing family and I reluctantly had to sell the Celebrity. It still remains one of my favorite airplanes.


Tim Abke FP-101

Tim’s FP-101

Tim Abke Celebrity

Tim’s Celebrity

Jim Arbore Talks About His Classic

Jim Arbore was kind enough to send me his experiences with the Fisher Classic Biplane. I have put the photo of his aircraft as the new cover photo and have put both photos below his submission. Thanks Jim for taking the time to share this with us.


I completed my Classic in 2003 with an on and off build time of about 4 1/2 years. The plans were easy to work with even for a first time builder.

Some of the custom touches that I installed were:
Hirth F30 FI 85hp engine.
Customized KitFox engine cowl.
Ballistic parachute between the upper wings.

It was a nice flying little plane, Great performance and very easy to land for a tail dragger. I sold it after flying it for about 25 hrs in order to finance another build of a Sonex Xenos motor glider. It ended up on the east coast somewhere when I finally lost track of it. I wish I knew if it was still flying.

Jim Arbore

Tuscon AZ
Jim Arbore Classic 2

Jim Arbore Classic 1

Sharing the Fisher Experience

I have been calling past owners and builders of our ultralight and experimental aircraft asking them what their experience was like so that I can share them with you. I talked with Per Anderas last night and he shared this with me.

“We were camping at Oshkosh, and my young boys had a great time looking at all the kits available. They wanted to build one themselves, and we settled on the R80 Tiger Moth. We promptly named it Tigger. My oldest boy was the most involved, but the other three participated. When they built a rib, they signed it. The building process was straightforward and fun. It was very much like building a model airplane, just bigger. Once all the pieces were built, I finished all the system installations. We painted it like a tiger! We actually won a Second place trophy at Oshkosh in 2003!”

Building one of our ultralight aircraft can be a rewarding family exercise that doesn’t involve electronic devices! This was an experience that Per’s boys will never forget and that helped strengthen the bond between father and sons.


Multi Language Forms

Our order forms and Sales Agreements have been translated from English into Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. We want our customers to be able to easily understand any document that they are required to sign as a part of the purchase process.

Other than the languages listed above, are there any other languages that you think it would be beneficial to have these documents translated into?

FP-505 Gear Update

I have encountered an issue with the gear design that is going to drive a change in the design. With the aircraft sitting on its nose, I pushed down on the axle and found that the load distribution plate is flexing away from my finger (downward when the aircraft is on its wheels).

This is not a good thing. There needs to be a better interface with the fuselage longerons. One that will not flex when the landing gear mounting blocks encounter twisting loads.

I think that the next iteration of the gear design will see a length of 6061-T6 angle running along the fuselage side under the bottom longeron. The angle will be bolted through the longeron from the bottom and tied into the fuselage side. This member on each side will resist the twisting moment caused by the landing gear trying to rotate forward under landing load.

I think that there will be a smaller piece running across the bottom of the fuselage to tie the angles together as well as one running across the bottom of the cockpit to tie the mounting bolts together. This will create a box section that will resist movement in the gear mounting blocks as the gear spring outwards.

Gear Flex

New Style Landing Gear

Hey There Fisher Flyers and Builders!

I did some more work on the Fp-505 Skeeter landing gear recently and now have the gear solidly mounted to the bottom of the airplane.

This gear is a little over built in that it was designed for another aircraft that is about 6 inches wider. The portion of the gear that is closest to the underside of the fuselage is also wider than it needs to be. The beam is also 1/2″ thick!! A hefty piece of aluminum!!

We are going to put the gear on a diet soon by removing some material between the mounting blocks as well as milling some material out of the actual legs.

The original gear system weighed in at just over 10 lbs. The gear beam on this set-up currently weighs ~15 lbs. We have our work cut out for us but I think that we will be able to lighten it substantially by creative use of our CNC router.

Maybe we will mill “505” into the gear leg 3/8″ deep!! A little black paint in the bottom would be a cool identifying accent!!

I am very happy with the way this is turning out!!!


Spring Gear - FP-505 - 5 Spring Gear - FP-505 - 4 Spring Gear - FP-505 - 2 Spring Gear - FP-505 - 1

Mike Makepeace Interview

I just posted an interview with Mike Makepeace on our YouTube channel. Mike was a dealer for Mike Fisher in the early days and did a bunch of flight testing and demonstration flights for many of the Fisher line of aircraft.
Mike describes the flight characteristics of a number of the aircraft he has flown. He has also built 22 Fisher Flying Products aircraft kits.
Mike describes many of the carnival like escapades that took place back in the early days of the ultralight boom of the late 80’s and early 90’s. He is quite engaging and you will enjoy this 46 minute interview.

You can see it here:


Fisher R-80 Tiger Moth in Latest Taylor Swift Video

I just found out from Dave Flohr that there is a Fisher Flying Products R-80 Tiger Moth featured in Taylor Swift’s Music video “Wildest Dreams”. The FFP Moth was built by Jerry Boughner. It can be found about the 1:30 mark in the video.

It was exciting to see the R-80 Tiger Moth which was built in South Africa in the video. It is placed in a beautiful setting and is projected in a very positive way. We have to say thank you to Joseph Kahn for choosing one of our aircraft to help portray the era that the video tries to convey.