Successful Kit Delivery

John Chocolas just received his Dakota Hawk Hardware Kit. He had some kind words to say about his purchase.

“Dave – The second shipment arrived yesterday…Everything seems ok…I certainly appreciate all the help and the trouble you have taken for me. Thanks for all you’ve done, and if the need ever arises for a reference, you can use my name, phone # or e-mail address. John

Thanks for the kind words John. We both learned a great deal about the shipping process through this transaction. I look forward to seeing your Dakota Hawk come together and fly.


FP-505 Skeeter Company Demonstrator For Sale



Fisher Family!

We have decided to sell the FP-505 Skeeter that we have been using as a demonstration display piece at Oshkosh. This aircraft is partially built. It has a mostly completed fuselage that is on its gear. It is not covered but as this is a complete kit will include the fabric and adhesive. The wing spars are completed along with the wing ribs. The buyer would have to complete the wing.

P1000072 Web P1000058 WebHello

The aircraft comes with a Hirth F-33 engine and the engine mount and cowl. This is a pull start engine. It also includes a GSC ground adjustable 2 bladed propeller.

We will make sure that the bill of materials has been checked through and that all of the components are accounted for before delivery.

The value of the separate components are as follows:

QB Airframe Kit – US$9,550.00

Hirth F-33 Engine (New) – US$3,125.00

Engine Mount Kit – US$299.00

GSC Propeller – US$420.00

Total = US$13,394.00 ($15,000 CDN)

The sale price for this aircraft kit is – US$11,500.00 or CDN$12,880.00 (Delivery at Buyer’s Expense)

We are selling this aircraft because we want to get started on building our own company demonstrator. We plan to build a Dakota Hawk that has the standard folding wing and is a tri-gear version with a steerable nose wheel and a D-Motor engine.

Give us a call if you are interested in purchasing the Skeeter at 519-933-2055







Fisher on Facebook

Fisher Flying Products now has an Official Facebook page. It can be found by searching Fisher Flying Products in Facebook or there is a direct link below.

Please come and visit. We are posting great project videos and will be adding content regularly.



FFP Awarded a D-Motor Dealership

I am constantly reading about how there isn’t enough competition in the 100Hp engine arena and how this is allowing Rotax (BRE) to sit on its wallet and charge over $20,000 for its 912 engines. The Rotax is a strong candidate for our Dakota Hawk and Horizon 2 but it doesn’t seem that many have a deep enough wallet to go that route.

We have been working on this and FFP is pleased to announce that we have become a D-Motor Dealer. Our territory is all of Canada and there is a US dealer in Florida however, we are able under our agreement to offer D-Motor engines with our kits as long as they are purchased at the same time as the kit.

D-Motor of Belgium produces both 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder horizontally opposed, liquid -cooled flat head engines. They are fuel injected and have an electronic ignition with an option for dual electronic ignition. The 4 cylinder puts out 92 max hp and 88 continuous hp. The engine is a direct drive so there is no gearbox to worry about and the engine is fully jacketed for liquid cooling.

Because we are a dealer, you will save BIG on a package deal. The D-Motor lists for 12,600 Euros which converts today to US$15,875. This is about a $3500 saving over the Rotax 912 s which is priced at $19,437. You will also save another $1000 on a FFP kit if you bundle with an engine.

D-Motor information can be found at or you can call 519-933-2055 for more information.


Dakota Hawk Wood Kit For Sale!

We have a complete Dakota Hawk Wood Kit for sale at a Discount!

This kit was built during the business acquisition as a training exercise and we would like to free up some floor space.

I am offering a 15% discount. US 7,140.00 + shipping (This includes the Dakota Hawk Plans)

Hello Fisher Family!

I want to let you all know that we have completed the move of the company into its new location in Dorchester Ontario. We have been busy over the last couple of months getting the equipment in place and electrical services connected. With this completed, I would like to let everyone know that we are producing kits once again. I would like to thank all of our customers for their patronage and patience through the move. We have tried hard to make sure that people are getting the parts and information they need to continue with their projects. We are now taking orders for kits/sub-kits and will be able to give solid lead times when you place an order.

Fisher Flying Products has recently been granted the Canadian Dealership for D-Motor Engines. The D-Motor is an engine produced in Belgium. These horizontally-opposed, direct-drive, liquid-cooled engines come with multi-port fuel injection and electronic ignition. The LF26 version is a 4 cylinder flat-head engine that was designed to compete directly with the Rotax 912. Its output is 92hp @ 3000 rpm in a package that has an installed weight under 150 lbs. The D-Motor will save you $3000 and 30 lbs when compared to a 912 installation. Our new website for D-Motor Canada is

This further step into the engine realm is a successful attempt of mine to create a more vertically oriented company. I want to be more of a one-stop-shop for Fisher customers. We are allowed under our dealership agreement to offer the D-Motor engines to our kit customers from any jurisdiction within a package deal. Otherwise we will be selling to the Canadian market. The LF26 would be a very nice engine in the Dakota Hawk, Celebrity and Horizon 2. The engine is so narrow that it will even fit within the R-80 Tiger Moth Cowl!

We remain a Hirth distributor and have an agreement to offer the Rotec Radial engine from Australia to our Celebrity (Steerman LT). We would love to talk engine with you and answer any question you may have about these exciting offerings.

I would like to thank all of the builders, flyers and future customers that visited the booth this year at AirVenture in Oshkosh. Overwhelming were the warm greetings and well wishes my son Thomas and I received this year. We are very happy that we were able to show the flying public that Fisher Flying Products is going to live on.


Sale Of Fisher Flying Complete!

Fisher Flying Family,

We have Great News! The Company has been sold to Dave Hertner owner of Effectus AeroProducts. He is planning to continue on producing Fisher Flying Products kits and providing support for the Fisher Flying Community as I have.

Dave has been a supplier to Fisher Flying Products for a number of years and is the builder of a Van’s RV-10. Many of you have gas tanks, tail springs and rudder pedals that his company produced. Wooden aircraft are fairly new to him but he is a fast learner. He has been working with me over the past months, training on the manufacturing techniques unique to the production of wooden aircraft kit components.

As you can imagine there is a great deal going on during this transition and I have to thank you all again for your patience and understanding. I will be working behind the scenes for a while acting as a resource and mentor but as of today, Dave has the reigns. I know that the Fisher community will open their arms to welcome him just as they did for me.

Well that is enough from me. Below are a few words from Dave.

Thanks for five wonderful years.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Dave Hertner and I am a confirmed aviation addict. The purchase of Fisher Flying Products is the next phase in my aviation adventure. I have been a pilot since I was 16 and have built a Van’s RV-10 which is admittedly quite different from the offerings at Fisher Flying Products.

I have been looking for a while for a business that I can work at with my son Thomas who is also aspiring to be a pilot. Together, we are going to do our best to keep manufacturing these timeless and affordable aircraft kits. We are also looking forward to the many friendships that will develop with our customers worldwide.

There are going to be some challenges for us in meeting the pent up customer demand over the coming months as we are going to be moving the business from its current location to Dorchester Ontario. I have secured a new location that is very close to our home because I wanted Thomas to be able to bike to the shop in the summer.

Until the business gets moved to its new location we are going to be filling plans, parts and accessory orders as usual. Anyone wanting to order a kit will be put on a waiting list. When we are ready to resume kit production after the business has been moved, we will contact you for your deposit and will start manufacturing your kit. I anticipate that this will happen sometime in July 2014. Please call or e-mail me with your interest in securing your position on the waiting list. It will be first come first serve.

I am also currently employed full time and knocking on retirement’s doorstep. This means that I am not going to be at the shop full time and I am going to be working there at odd hours. This will make phone support somewhat difficult. I am learning the aircraft designs on the fly with Paul’s support which means that I might take a little longer to get you your answers. The best way for me to support you is to get your questions by e-mail. That way, I can take my time and learn the problem, consult the drawings and develop the experience needed to support others when they call with a similar question.

In light of these challenges I can only ask your patience. We will work diligently to get your orders filled and shipped out in a reasonable timeframe. We will not take any shortcuts and as always, the quality of the kit components will be paramount.

Looking forward to hearing from you all,