Rotax 503 For Sale

Jim Hubbard contacted me and said that he has a brand new Rotax 503 DCDI fan cooled engine with the B gearbox for sale. He sent me a detail sheet which I will forward to you if you are interested. You can contact me at

Missing E-Mail Message

Someone out there recently sent me an e-mail through the website inquiring about Youngster plans. If that person was you, please send me another message. The original was lost somehow when we changed hosts.



The Website Has Been Moved

News from the Nest:

I am happy to tell everyone that the Fisher Flying Products website has been moved to another host and OH What A Difference!! Thanks for your patience all these months putting up with the slow speed.

We are now going to continue with the installation  of a Builder/Owners Forum. I will let everyone know when it is ready to kick off. I will go on the Yahoo Groups forum and ask those members to come on over to an open forum that is moderated by builders/flyers.

We have also been working on the tail spring issue. We should have some prototypes ready for testing in the next couple of weeks.


Poor Website Loading Speed

I would like to apologize to all of the people who have visited this website and have found the load speeds to take way too long. We have tried a bunch of things including working with the hosting company to get the pages to load faster.

It has come to the point that we are going to be changing hosting companies. We have tried the site on another host and have found that it operates normally there. The change over is going to happen in the next couple of days and the site may be down for a short period of time while the transition takes place.

This is not the only problem with the website and I thank all of you out there who have contacted me with concerns regarding missing content and such. Once we have the load speed problem fixed we are going to be concentrating on getting the site pages properly populated with content.

Once again, I would like to thank you all for your patience as we work to make this site more user and customer friendly.


Polini Pricing Now Available

I have finalized the pricing for the Polini THOR Dual Spark Engine now available through Fisher Flying Products.

Our every day price for this exceptional engine is US$ 4,750.00 + shipping from our facility. The Canadian Price for the engine is $ 5,750.00 + tax and shipping from our facility.

We require a 75% deposit with the order. The balance + shipping fees are due when it leaves our facility.

Let us know if you are interested by giving us a call at 519-933-2055 or by going to our contact page.

Have a Great Day!


Oshkosh 2014 Interview by Dan Johnson

Hey there Everyone! Exciting News! I just received the link to an interview I was involved in at Oshkosh. Dan Johnson interviewed me and then put together a great 10 minute promo video. He has lots of other videos on his site My thanks also go to Dave Loveman who created the video.

For those of you out there that haven’t met me, this will be an introduction of sorts and there is lots of information, photos and video of the Fisher product line.

Here it is.


Fisher Aircraft Have a Great Reputation

I came upon a post in the Yahoo forum that I would like to share. Dan Riffee posted this in 2009 when Paul owned the company.

“If anyone is thinking about building one of the Fisher’s airplanes, Do it, you will not be sorry. Great airplanes and I love building and flying wood  airplanes. I built a KR-2 in the 70’s, then a Falconar F-12, and now flying my Koala, all of them are wood. When flying a wooden airplane, you don’t have that feeling of being in a tin-can with the noise and vibration, wood is just quiet and smooth and strong. I love my little Koala and my neighbor flys the photo-type Super Koala with a R-582, it also flys great. I had so much fun building the Koala, it was sort of a let-down when it was finished, so I had to start another project.

My other neighbor has a 1947 Stampe and I have been wanting a bi-plane and Fisher’s R-80 Tiger Moth sure looks good.”

Dan N47CV

BTW– Paul didn’t ask me to write this smile emoticon

I hear this all of the time from builders and flyers of Fisher Aircraft. I am very pleased that Fisher aircraft enjoy such a great reputation as solid flyers and as generally loveable, low cost aircraft.


High School Aviation Program Uses Fisher Aircraft

I want to give a Shout Out to Rick Menanno and his students at Saint Edmund Campion Catholic Secondary School in Brampton. Rick runs an Aviation Manufacturing course and has attracted many bright students to the class which is building a Fisher FP-202 Koala!

The FP-202 Koala is the second aircraft the program has worked on. The previous FP-202 Koala was purchased as an incomplete kit. With the assistance of the previous owner of FFP the aircraft was completed and displayed in the foyer of the school for all to see.

This program teaches the students the basic theory of flight and basic aircraft structures and controls. It prepares the students who are interested in a career in aviation by establishing the foundation of aviation knowledge in early high school rather than at the beginning of college.

I have been able to chat with the students and answer their questions and give them a brief history of the designs and the company.

I have invited the Aviation teacher at another local high school to come to the shop to see if we can get another build program started. They seem enthusiastic about coming to see the shop and discuss the aircraft kits we manufacture.


Poilini THOR Dual Spark Engines

We have been talking with Polini about being a distributor for their THOR aircraft engines. These little single cylinder engines are very light and give the single cylinder Hirth F-33 engine a run for it money. The Polini is very comparable in weight to the Hirth but produces 36.5 Hp versus the Hirth’s 28 hp. This engine would work very nicely on our smaller aircraft and they have a proven reliability.

If anyone is interested in these engines we would like to work with you on getting one in one of our aircraft.


Website Status Update

Hello from the Nest,

I want to take a minute to discuss the website. I received an e-mail from a potential customer this morning stating ” I can’t get any info about your aircraft, except prices. I’d like to check specs to find my best fit. Fix the site. You may be losing more than me as a customer.” Please call me or send an email to if you have needs that are not met by the current website. I would be more than happy to get you the information you seek.

I have been working on a complete website re-design as a result of the old website crashing around the 21st of September. I have to thank Dave Hill for cluing me in to the fact that it had crashed. This was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. The old site was written Joomla which is a real pain to work with and it liked to crash when being updated.

We decided then to completely re-design the site in WordPress. First though, we had to get something up on the URL so that  people at least knew that it was under construction. It was not great timing in the grand scheme of things because it was reinforcing the perception out there that the company was still up for sale instead of it having been sold.

We have been able to put a bunch of the old content back into the site but we are not back to the level where all of the specific aircraft information and photos have been loaded.

I will be meeting with my web guy early next week to get the reloading process back on track.

Another area that we have been working on is a Forum section. I would like to host the Fisher forum on my site rather than having it on Yahoo Groups. There is quite a story around the Yahoo group and with the constraints placed on the group with the loss of the original owner and the inability to find the passwords it seems time to have that platform dropped and the members move into a new home.

The new forum site will operate at arms length from myself. There will be a couple of moderators from the current group. I will have no say as to what gets posted. I will be happy to read the good and the bad. This information will tell me what needs to be improved. My goal is to build a better company.

I hope this helps everyone understand where we are and where we want to be with the website. I have many ideas for the site and the company in general but I have to work on them one at a time and do a good job.